EXCLUSIVE: Invesco completes launch of single technology benefits platform

Global investment management company Invesco has completed the introduction of a single technology platform to manage its employee benefits.

The organisation’s 1,800 employees across 16 European, Middle East and African (EMEA) countries are now able to use an Invesco-branded website that follows each country’s specific regulations.

The benefits portal, launched in partnership with Aon, is company branded in order to help staff gain trust in the system. The implementation began in May 2019 and the programme timeline was assessed on complexity and headcount.

The two companies collaboratively worked with each country’s benefit providers and managed regulatory complexities to provide employees with access to a secure benefits portal. It offers resources for viewing, changing and accessing employees’ individual benefits plan information and is accessible from an internet-ready device at any time.

Employees also have access to a dedicated help desk managed by Aon, which operates in seven different languages.

Employees are encouraged to take action to support their own needs with relevant prompts and reminders, in line with the organisation’s inclusive culture. The new platform has already significantly boosted employee engagement levels, acccording to Invesco.

Tony Ark, head of benefits in EMEA countries at Invesco, explained that it was important to ensure that the new portal was aligned to the organisation’s benefits philosophy and purpose.

He said: “The portal essentially plays a dual role, with an online library of information unique to each country’s benefits, plus a transactional capability allowing employees to make benefit selections as often as necessary. This happens securely in a few clicks, and also provides an immediate confirmation to the employee with details of when it will be processed through payroll.”

Ark added that, by using the new benefits platform, the organisation has already seen “major advances in efficiency and accuracy”. Across EMEA, employee engagement levels have significantly increased with more than 90% of employees in each country engaging with the platform on a regular basis.