Ikea rustles up a tasty dish to attract talent

Something for the weekend: With the market for talent getting ever more competitive as economies try to move on from the pandemic, Ikea has increased the stakes by luring job candidates with futuristic meatballs.

The Swedish furniture retail giant is recruiting for 150 technology and innovation roles across Europe this year and plans to offer applicants the 3D-printed, plant-based snacks at interview stage.

Ikea said it was exploring ways to make the iconic meatballs on offer at its huge stores healthier and more sustainable. Although there are no plans to put the printed versions on the menu for customers, they will be served up as part of its Taste the Future recruitment campaign.

This people mission aims to entice a “diverse and extraordinary” range of tech talent through a “unique, tasty and thought-provoking” job interview, according to the business.

Brand leader Karen Rivoire said: “We’re looking for down-to-earth data scientists, future architects, cyber guardians, unboxed engineers and common sense-makers. People who want to co-create a better everyday life at home for the many with thin wallets.”

Getting employer branding right is always great for any business change so we’re pleased to see that Ikea is offering its futuristic food to prospective employees, who will of course shape the journey the organisation goes on.

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Ikea has committed that by 2025, half of the main meals offered in its restaurants will be plant-based, with only a fifth containing red meat. On top of this, 80% of its packaged food will be plant-based.

This will require innovation that can only be driven by engaged, healthy and well-fed staff; so we reckon the Swedish firm is on the right path. We do wonder whether candidates will also be tested on their ability to find items against the clock in the self-serve warehouse.