to pay £2,000 per week for luxury home testers

Luxury home

Something for the weekend: Online marketplace is seeking up to 10 individuals to employ as luxury home testers, travelling around the world to quality-check opulent properties before they are sold to millionaire clients.

The chosen home testers will be required to travel across the globe to road test impressively expensive properties, prior to their purchase on The new recruits could jet to a chateau on the French Riviera, for example, visit a 25-bedroom Spanish villa, occupy an oceanfront home situated at Florida’s exclusive Ocean Reef Club, or stay at a 14,000 square foot mansion in San Francisco’s Pacific Heights neighbourhood.

Properties included in’s portfolio range from an eye-watering £462,250 to £81,046,350 in price.

Not only will the selected luxury home testers get to sample the high-life, but they will also be paid a salary of £2,000 per property they attend; the testers are expected to visit between 10 and 15 homes a year, staying for a week at each property. The new employees will also have all of their travel expenses paid for by

But what about the workload? The successful candidates will need to submit an 800-word report within five days of returning home, assessing the location, accessibility, style, comfort and sustainability of the property they visited. This information will then be used on’s website.

The role involves travelling at short notice and on an ad-hoc basis. specifies that its new recruits need to be reliable, have a keen eye for detail and have demonstrable writing skills.

To apply, eager applicants simply have to fill out an online form, explaining why they would make the ideal property tester; there is no submission deadline.

Aaron Harpin, founder at, told Insider: “Due to an influx of properties for listing on the website, we need a luxury home tester to get on top of the growing stack of approval requests.

“The ideal candidate will have experience visiting or staying in luxury properties and will be able to demonstrate their ability to write compelling reviews.”

Here at Employee Benefits, we think this sounds like a dream job, being paid to holiday at properties normally out of our pay range. We wonder if anyone would notice if we stayed just a little longer than a week at each home…