How to win back time when managing employee benefits

Research shows one of the biggest barriers to HR implementing employee benefits is a lack of time.

It’s no surprise after the events of the last few years. HR have weathered the storm to support businesses and their employees in navigating a significant period of instability, be it political, economic or otherwise.

Now, businesses face big challenges around recruiting the right talent, with over 1.2 million vacancies still in the UK approaching the end of 2022, and retaining and supporting teams effectively through yet more choppy waters ahead.

HR need time. Time to support these objectives, time to plan and time to implement the support needed to recruit, retain and engage employees effectively and make a real difference.

So, how can you use your time more effectively when managing employee benefits? How can you reduce time spent on administrative tasks and increase time spent on high impact and highly effective initiatives to support the HR agenda?

Let’s dive straight in.

  Use a platform that integrates with your existing HR systems

You’ll see that often, reducing the number of manual processes involved in managing benefits usually comes down to the employee benefits provider(s) you use and the technology you utilise.

An employee benefits platform that integrates with your existing HR systems and software will help streamline processes and will automate the sharing of information between the tech you use.

How this works highly depends on the tech each organisation uses.

At caboodle, we’ve developed our employee benefits platform to fully integrate with your internal systems, whatever your set up looks like, to help you win back valuable time.

We also take care of the set up of this integration for you to help you focus your time on the more strategic and higher level challenges on the agenda.

This also frees up time and resource to focus on getting your benefits provision right.

With the manual and technical processes taken care of, your business can focus its attention on choosing the right benefit schemes and tech to support the needs of your team and the objectives of HR and the wider organisation.

Use a platform that makes processes much quicker

Without the right technology, managing employee benefits can often involve dealing with lots of manual processes relating to scheme applications, transferring and inputting employee data or even planning and sending out relevant communications.

The right platform can help automate as much of this as possible, saving valuable time.

The platform we provide organisations includes a whole host of automation, including ready-made benefits communications to download and use and single sign on to save time for employees too.

Our automation goes as far as including scheme eligibility, so employees only see the benefits you want them to see or are eligible for.

Our platform also allows you to manage benefit scheme application limits for schemes like the Technology Scheme and the Bike Scheme for example, which can be customised for different sets of employees, to avoid the need for manual intervention.

Delegate effectively

An important part of getting the most from your employee benefits provision is effective prioritisation of the tasks associated with managing benefits.

You’ll want to prioritise time for planning and ensuring the benefits included in your provision and any platform they’re hosted on is right for your employees and for your wider objectives.

So, how do you delegate effectively when managing benefits?

You could delegate to your wider team, but delegating to your employee benefits provider is an even better option.

At caboodle, we handle as much as possible for the organisation so you’re free to focus on higher level, higher priority tasks that will make a real difference.

We can handle the development of any brand and marketing communications, all the implementation and can even handle employee queries around benefits too.

Use a provider with a wide range of options

This is a crucial and often overlooked area when sourcing employee benefits.

When updating or implementing new employee benefits, it can take a lot of time and resource sourcing the right providers then integrating them with the rest of your benefits.

Choosing a provider that can provide all the benefits you need, in one place, without the need to source them externally yourself will save heaps of time and make the whole process much smoother.

At caboodle, we’ve always recognised this need for employers to find the benefits they want quickly and easily with minimal time and resource needed.

This is why we offer one of the widest ranges of benefits available today to provide exactly what your business and employees need with minimal fuss.

We even make integrating your existing benefits into a new platform quick and easy to provide the exact solution to match your requirements.

Use the right employee benefits provider

 You’ll have noticed a common theme running through this article which is that the right provider can make a huge difference in the amount of time your business could save in managing employee benefits.

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