How to Step up Your Summer Fitness Routine

Summer is upon us and – maybe now more than ever – we all need a push to help use more physically active. Looking good on the beach can’t be our only incentive! By getting into good habits, your summer fitness routine should continue after holiday season.

Why not re-evaluate your summer fitness routine and switch up your workouts!

Take your workouts outside

Fine – this isn’t revolutionary, especially considering the Government has been telling us to do this for the past three months. But exercising outside can work wonders on your health, starting with the fresh air and sunshine which will keep you looking and feeling radiant. Exercising outdoors lets your keep fit in an endless variety of environments and it gives you your daily dose of vitamin D!

Stuck on ideas for outdoor exercises for your summer fitness routine? Tennis is a fantastic outdoor sport that will give you a full body workout, burn lots of calories and fat, improve bone health, keep your heart healthy, and enhance balance and coordination. Boot camps are also fun and get your heart pumping!

Set a goal

When you decide to become more physically active, it’s wise to set a specific goal and a date to achieve it by. This can help provide motivation if you have a deadline you’d like to get fit before (in an ideal world – a holiday, a charity run, even a wedding!). Keeping track of your progress and the exercises that work for you will help you alter your routine if something isn’t working. Not progressing at the pace you’d hoped? Look beyond the numbers on the scale; instead look at your shape and how your clothes are feeling. Planning beyond your deadline and setting yourself a goal through to the Autumn will encourage you to stay fit and healthy for longer.

Plan meals in advance

Preparing your meals in advance lets you track what food you’re buying and what you’re putting in your body, serving as a reminder to be healthy. It will help you avoid binge eating, impulse shopping in the supermarket and keeps you in control of your food portions. By planning your meals in advance, you’ll save money and won’t be popping out on your lunch break to buy unhealthy snacks. Keeping a food diary allows you to track your diet in the long-term and see watch it contribute to your goal.

Be careful with hydration

Drinking water is particularly important in warmer months – especially when working out! Not drinking enough in hot weather will leave you feeling dizzy and disorientated, and in extreme cases exhaustion and heat stroke. Drinking water also increases your body’s metabolism by boosting the number of calories and fat being burnt. It’s recommended people drink about 6-8 glasses of water a day.

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Make sure you have the right fitness apparel

It’s important when exercising to be wearing the correct clothes and shoes to avoid injury. Wearing loose clothing will allow air to cool your body and evaporate sweat; you should also wear light colors to not attract the sun’s rays. A hat is also essential to shield your head from the big fireball in the sky. Wearing the correct shoes for different activities is essential;the wrong shoes can cause blisters, cramps and other injuries.