How employees are using the Technology Scheme in 2020

In 2020, we’ve been using technology to stay in touch with our loved ones, for education, to remote work and to keep ourselves entertained during times of isolation.

Our reliance on tech is arguably at an all time high. With that comes the need for newer, better and more reliable technology.

While the effects of the pandemic have seen our reliance on tech increase, it’s also seen many hit hard financially.

Brand-new tech can be a big hit to the bank balance and so now more than ever employees need a more affordable option. Thankfully, the Technology Scheme has helped provide that option for many employees across the UK.

During 2020, we’ve seen the popularity of the scheme increase dramatically with both employers and employees.

A key challenge for employers this year has been helping employees cope with the financial effects of the pandemic.

Offering employee discounts and providing financial wellbeing benefits have been vital, but so have benefits like the Technology Scheme by helping give employees greater control over their finances.

So, how have employees been using the Technology Scheme? And how has the scheme helped employees during 2020?

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