How 4 must-have employee wellbeing tools can improve the employee experience

By Charlotte Neal, Senior Employee Engagement Specialist at Reward Gateway

When you look after your people, you also teach them to look after themselves – that’s a little thought that sprung to mind when reflecting on the past nine months. In a year that brought us more peaks and troughs than a loop-the-loop rollercoaster, HR teams have had a big job on their hands managing the impact of COVID-19.

We won’t list everything HR Heroes have dealt with – we’d be here all day – but something really important that 2020 has shone an even brighter spotlight on is employee wellbeing. It was the buzzword of 2018-19 and perhaps previously viewed as something that was a ‘nice to have’ – an add-on to a suite of employee benefits.

Proactive and preventative wellbeing benefits can have an incredible impact on the lives of employees and in turn, the work they do. I’m one such employee and wanted to share a couple of things that Reward Gateway provides which have helped me massively. Click here to discover them.