Home workers offered canine communications boost

Photo credit: Paws in Work

Something for the weekend: Is your workforce suffering from the dog days of lockdown lethargy? Has life begun to feel little more than the tired work-from-home routine of logging on, catching up, logging off – and repeat? Perhaps your communications need some pawsitive energy.

Fret no more. To boost the nation’s spirits, video conference call provider PowWowNow has partnered with doggy therapists Paws in Work to give home workers the opportunity to welcome a very special guest to their next virtual company pupdate.

PowWowNow is offering the chance to win one of four one-hour puppy meetups. Doggies to choose from include Marilyn the English Bulldog -accused of being level 10 clingy, Marilyn prefers to be described as an enthusiastic sidekick.

Then there’s Paddy the Pug, known to get what he wants with a cheeky grin and a wag of his tail. Or how about playful Marley the Labrador, who is always looking for fun?

Surely you’d have to be barking mad to resist this opportunity. And for those bosses that don’t instantly melt at the chance to spend an hour discussing monthly targets in the presence of an adorable pup, just point out the scientific evidence that interacting with dogs is proven to combat stress, lower blood pressure, and improve feelings of wellbeing.

Here at Employee Benefits, we know the importance of taking a paws from the daily routine in these tough times and welcome the chance to spend an hour with a furry bundle of fun without having to pick up after it and brave the rain.