Holmes Miller transitions to nine-day working fortnight

Holmes Miller nine-day fortnightArchitecture firm Holmes Miller has moved to a nine-day fortnight with a contracted hours reduction and no loss of pay, following a successful trial.

Before formally adopting this format from this month, the firm held a three-month trial to test and refine the policy. This was to ensure it would not negatively impact project delivery or lead to a reduction in client services, and ensure employees were satisfied with the new arrangements.

After considering several flexible working patterns, Holmes Miller took these to a staff vote, with the overwhelming winner being the nine-day fortnight.

The aim of this arrangement is to aid project collaboration, enhance office culture, improve work-life balance and to create an inclusive, welcoming, balanced work environment that maintains employees’ wellbeing and job satisfaction.

In addition, core working hours and varying start and finish times were also implemented to allow staff to commute during off-peak periods while balancing childcare responsibilities. Employees were also allocated flexible-working credits for occasional remote working.

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Callum Houston, managing director at Holmes Miller, said: “The results we’ve seen from our initial trial have been positive, both in terms of employee satisfaction and overall service delivery. Implementing this new way of working has allowed our team to spend more time doing things they love. While hybrid working has become the post-pandemic norm, we felt the arrangement of our staff splitting their time between office and home wasn’t delivering the best outcome either for them or our clients.

“As a creative business, it’s important our staff can work collaboratively. Teams calls can get you so far, but it can’t replace getting together with a roll of tracing paper and some thick pens to have a good old-fashioned brainstorm. Recognising the personal benefits of hybrid working and weaving remote-working credits into our new working model has ensured health and wellbeing are prioritised, while maintaining maximum business performance.”