Grace Anderson: How do you use International Women’s Day to increase recognition of female employees?

On International Women’s Day (8 March 2023) we promote interviews with our female leads, produce blogs on the career progression of women in the business, and use our Kura Kudos platform to promote the recognition for our female employees. We also look to educate around what it means and why we have International Women’s Day.

We continue to promote and discuss women in our business throughout the year. All employees are encouraged to contribute their ideas about any changes or improvements necessary to achieve full equality of opportunity by contacting HR. Currently, 50% of our staff are women.

In our most recent employee engagement survey, 57% of the respondents were female. For us as an employer, it is incredibly useful to have multiple viewpoints when outlining business strategy or making changes from our employees’ feedback.

Women’s contributions to the workplace take many forms: improved retention, enhanced collaboration and boosted employee engagement through inspiring women employees.

Seeing women in leadership roles is great for others who want to pursue a career in these types of roles. Kura’s leadership team is made up of 50% women, and we are therefore leading the way in female representation and embracing equity. Role models help to show what is achievable and they can provide aspiration to others.

Our commitment to creating equal opportunities and spotlighting women who are really making a difference is testament to the support Kura provides to women in business.

Grace Anderson is senior HR business partner at Kura