Get Motivated With Online Personal Training

“I’ll start exercising on Monday…”, “I can start my diet tomorrow…”, “I’m too tired…”

Sound familiar?

There will be many factors contributing to you feeling this way and yes, a lot of them are due to the Coronavirus pandemic rocking the proverbial “boat” of our lives. However, understanding how to combat demotivation, sluggishness and feeling low is an essential part of forming healthy habits – and it’s not always easy to do that alone.

Known benefits of exercise include feeling happier, increased energy levels, improved brain function and memory, quality sleep and fewer aches and pains. Should be easy, right? Start exercising and feel better. Well… although that might partly be true, studies show that it takes 66 days (which is just over two months) to form a new lifestyle habit. So that’s why it sometimes feels like an impossible task.

The fitness industry has certainly stepped up to the challenge. Online personal training and nutrition advice have taken off in popularity since the pandemic has hit. They’ve been a source of support, motivation and even social interaction to thousands across the UK.

MyActiveDiscounts is no exception. We’ve teamed up with Jenny Weller who has over 15 years’ experience in Sport & Exercise Science. She believes reaching your wellness goals should be fun, safe and effective, especially through personalising your fitness experience. This is why she’s begun to coach people online from the RRPT (Rapid Results Personal Training) app.

For a bargain price of £90 exclusively through MyActiveDiscounts, Jenny will carefully formulate a bespoke ten-week journey including at least three workouts per week, depending on your needs and commitments, as well as daily food plans with shopping lists to take the hassle out of eating clean. The app prompts you to complete your workouts and lets you record your progress with photos and measurements to help tailor your experience. All of this and you get educational support around your new healthy eating habits and exercise behaviours.

Jenny and her team will work tirelessly to find the right exercise that you can enjoy to help reach your goal and improve your lifestyle, productivity and motivation.

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You may hear it all the time but it couldn’t be more true: healthy body, healthy mind.

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