Four ways to align induction with your Employee Value Proposition

by Didi Kirova, Head of Learning at Reward Gateway

When new employees start, it can be both an exciting and anxiety-filled time for everyone at the workplace, from existing employees to managers and, most especially, to the new hires themselves. You want to educate your starters with important information about the organisation and their role.

But it’s also important to make them feel comfortable and confident, and to begin to fulfill the promises you’ve set out in your Employee Value Proposition (EVP).

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What you do and the tone you set during the first few weeks of a new employee’s experience will shape how engaged they are with your company for years to come. Countless sayings and quotes point out the need to make strong first impressions and start new relationships off on the right foot.

The time when you’re making this critical first impression is known by many names: induction, onboarding, new hire orientation. Whatever you call it, it’s important to get it right and align it with your EVP. Click here to reveal four ways to do that.