For most of November, we’ll see Black Friday and Cyber Monday savings banners promoting a new deal whenever we click on a website. Many of us use this opportunity to get cheaper Christmas gifts, and it helps – the retailers and our budgets – but surely, it’s best to give our employees the chance to save every day of the year. Whether it’s essential spending or a special purchase, read on to discover how employee benefits stretch salaries further.

When you look further than the discounts, Black Friday and Cyber Monday are pretty contentious.

Some brands boycott the frenzy altogether due to the environmental implications of people buying things they may not actually need. Then, there are warnings to consumers that not all deals are genuine, with some prices inflated to make savings appear greater than they are.

As a nation, the anticipated spend was £3 billion over Black Friday and Cyber Monday, with a per-person average of £113 (Finder). It’s a significant figure but one that’s seen a steady decline since 2021.

Are Brits becoming disillusioned with Black Friday deals, or are we tightening our belts during the cost-of-living crisis?

Whether you embrace or boycott the sales, there’s no denying that money-saving opportunities are essential, especially in the build-up to Christmas. However, at Pluxee UK, we believe in the power of helping employees make their money go further every single day, whether they’re buying something special or doing their weekly shop.

In this blog, we take a look at: essential savings on everything, unlimited cashback, and a smarter way to pay.