Douze Points! Bringing Eurovision Into the Workplace

Author – Alex Crump, Published May 2023

Anticipation is building for the Eurovision finale on Saturday, and what better way to celebrate than enhancing inclusive culture at work?

There are plenty of ways to increase culture at work, and Eurovision is here to help! By enforcing inclusive leadership in your workplace, your staff can share elements of their cultures, such as music, food, and traditions.

Inviting your people to share their culture at work gives them the opportunity to express their individuality with their coworkers and share what’s meaningful to them.

Where Does Eurovision Come Into All This?

The Eurovision Song Contest is an expression of diversity and unity; there is nothing too outlandish or unique for Eurovision. Although you might get called in for a chat with HR if you wear some of the outfits to work, we can learn from many other aspects of the contest..

Knowing your company’s values is important to ensure everyone is on the same page and working towards the same ultimate goals (1).

Eurovision names some of its values as Universality, Independence, Equality, Diversity, Inclusivity and Innovation (2). Many of these are common business values, representing people of different cultures, backgrounds, genders and identities.

Build a strong culture at work around your values, and your company’s personality will shine.

Enforcing values like these and sharing them with your customers or client base creates a strong image of your business and improves customer loyalty (1). It’s one thing to broadcast your company values, but truly acting on them is what gets you noticed.

People like to know that the company they are doing business with has strong morals and sticks by their values, so shouting them loud from the rooftops is a fantastic way to reach your target audience.

With Each Person, you have the ability to share your values along with recognition of your staff. When you send a thank you Ecard, you will attach a ‘Reason for Recognising’, which can include your company’s values. This means your people are given a personalised ‘thank you’ or ‘well done’, making them feel valued within the company.

The Beauty of Eurovision

Eurovision’s marketing strategy is genius – there is no denying that. The official slogan of the contest is ‘United By Music’, which perfectly sums up the key values, aims and message. Everyone is welcome; anyone can be involved and are all brought together by their love for the music.

The slogan is used as a hashtag across various social media platforms to engage fans and offers the opportunity to be part of something bigger.

Whereas a slogan and accompanying hashtag may not necessarily be the way to go for your company, creating an inclusive culture at work is massively impactful for staff retention and engagement. Being proud of where you work and feeling like you’re part of a family can be what drives your productivity.

The feeling of community is a huge element of Eurovision, everyone is valued and gets their time in the spotlight (3). This can also be an incredibly beneficial element to incorporate into your culture at work.

Having a diverse collection of people means you have an excellent opportunity to learn and try new things from various cultures and traditions. For example, organising meals or a staff lunch with food and snacks from different countries is a great way to engage your staff.

If you’re a workplace that likes to boogie while you work, you could change the music up from the typical radio station to a K-Pop or Kraftwerk playlist.

At Each Person HQ, the excitement for Eurovision is building rapidly. We work hard to maintain our own company values: Innovation, Commitment, Climate Change and Team Work. With frequent work events where we can let loose and brainstorming sessions where everyone’s voice is heard, we have created a strong community culture at work that we are proud of.

Join our Each Person family to see how we can benefit the sense of community in your workplace with employee recognition, deals & discounts, a new employee assistance programme, and more! Get in touch with us at [email protected] to start your journey with Each Person.


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