A cuppa to boost employee wellbeing

Tea pot and cup

Something for the weekend: Have you ever needed an excuse for a tea break? After all, it’s a well-known fact that it can do wonders for your wellbeing.

Well, now you have it. NHS Charities is calling on every worker to kick back, stick the kettle on, pull out the biscuit tin and pause a while over a hot cuppa for the very laudable cause of raising funds for hospitals around the UK at 3pm on Monday, 5 July.

What better way to show our appreciation of our NHS Heroes? And a lot better than standing out in the rain, pretending not to see the neighbour who hates you, while clapping your hands sore.

But it is also a chance to appreciate the importance of the tea break. Research by the UK Tea and Infusions Association (UKTIA) revealed that pausing to put the kettle on and sip a refreshing hot drink can bring important health and mental wellbeing benefits, with 73% of Brits believing making a brew is a good break from work and 58% enjoying regular tea breaks during the day.

A total of 57% also reported they feel more connected with colleagues thanks to the tea break and claim that sharing a cuppa was good for teambuilding, with more than 80% of those surveyed saying that the break was about much more than simply drinking a cup of tea.

Dr Sharon Hall, chief executive of the UKTIA, said: “Sharing a tea break helps to build connections with colleagues, give staff a much needed break from their desks, boost everyone’s mood, and can create an opportunity to catch up on news.”

But beware! Working from home has blurred the boundaries of what constitutes a break from work. Recent research by workplace hygiene brand Tork found women are more than twice as likely (67%) to be reluctant to even take a lunchbreak, compared to men (33%). And when women do take a break, they are more likely to spend the time doing household chores (22% versus 14%).

Here at Employee Benefits, whether working from home or in the office, we are never slow to get the kettle on and find that pausing for a brew takes the biscuit and brings a perfect blend of inner tranquili-tea and creativi-tea.