Creating a return to work plan that works for all employees

Return to work, return to the office, return to ‘the new normal’ – whatever it is that you may be calling it, many industries are undergoing changes as the world makes its way into post-pandemic day-to-day life.

While your employees have undoubtedly been hard at work throughout this entire pandemic, any sort of change can be a bit jarring, and especially so if you have a lot of employees returning to the office when they may have gotten used to working from home for the past year and a half.

As such, businesses that allowed their employees to work remotely (out of necessity) may be considering what the next right move is to welcome employees back to the new world of working. While some companies are embracing a fully remote working lifestyle, others are taking a hybrid approach, allowing employees the flexibility to come into the office part-time, and working from home when it makes sense.

Reward Gateway has always been a hybrid workplace, as we believe in flexible working, giving our employees the choice to work when and where they feel they can do their work the best.

Click here for a few tips from our own RG Work Modes Guide, which you can also access in full for free at the end of the blog.