Crawford and Company launches inclusive bank holidays

Crawford and CompanyCrawford and Company, a provider of claims management and outsourcing solutions to carriers, brokers and corporations, has introduced inclusive bank holidays for its 1,450 UK workers.

To recognise that not everyone celebrates the same religious holidays, every UK-based employee regardless of length of service has been given flexibility with their bank holiday allowance in order to celebrate the days that are most meaningful to them. For example, if an employee would prefer time off for Eid al-Fitr instead of the long Easter weekend, they can swap the days and take what suits them the most.

The firm made this change in order to boost inclusivity and offer a more flexible hybrid approach to working.

Lisa Bartlett, president of the UK and Ireland at Crawford and Company, said: “At Crawford, we are committed to fostering a safe and inclusive environment where employees’ unique perspectives and experiences are heard and valued. We don’t just talk about inclusion and diversity; we make it an integral part of everything we do.

“We believe that to attract and retain great people, we must build an inclusive and supportive workplace where everyone can thrive. Introducing inclusive bank holidays for our colleagues is just one more step in our unwavering commitment to making Crawford a great place to work. We are proud of our diverse workforce, and this move clearly shows that we support what is most important for them both at home and work.”

This announcement followed the launch of a domestic abuse support programme and a domestic abuse policy for Crawford and Company’s employees in the UK and Ireland earlier this year.

It also marked World Menopause Day last year by introducing a menopause policy and support framework for UK employees, offering dedicated menopause counselling before, during and after the onset of symptoms.