Combatting employee loneliness through employee recognition

Almost three years ago, Benefex began writing about the growing importance of community and social wellbeing at work. Before the Covid-19 pandemic forcibly separated us from our colleagues and community an even more important part of the employee experience, workplace loneliness was at worryingly high levels. More than half of employees say they feel lonely ‘always’ or ‘often’, with almost half saying they don’t have a friend at work.

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The more connected we feel to other people, the better our overall health. Strong social connections are what make up community wellbeing (also known as social wellbeing) and now, more than ever, it’s time that employers start to build more of a commitment to creating supportive, trusting communities.

To learn more about how the Government is taking loneliness to the workplace, and how employers can support their people’s community wellbeing, read the full blog here.