Cloud9 Insight uses employee recognition to improve social wellbeing

Every six weeks, Brighton-based software reseller Cloud9 Insight runs half-day ‘Kick’ meetings; standing for Knowledge, Innovation, Collaboration and Kudos. Here, the organisation brings together its 30 employees to share ideas, as well as to celebrate and recognise those who have gone the extra mile.

Encouraging public recognition is not only an important part of keeping team members motivated, but also boost feelings of being emotionally and socially valued, says chief executive officer and co-founder Carlene Jackson (pictured).

“It’s very important for staff to feel visible, acknowledged and also confident of their place in the business,” she says. “I’d recommend this approach to any business leader who wants to give their team a boost, while also improving communication and mental wellbeing in their [organisation]. People can often be shy about saying, ‘oh I think I did really well’, and therefore it means more when [we] publicly talk about it.”

One important ‘kudos’ element is the awarding of special ‘Certifi-Kicks’, which are given out to recognise a specific achievement, as nominated by colleagues or a manager. Jackson reports that these are highly valued by staff.

The Kick meetings feed into a wider focus on recognition and wellbeing. This includes encouraging managers to give regular verbal feedback and working to generate a friendly working culture where employees feel appreciated and supported. Cloud9 Insight also offers free weekly massages, provides free breakfasts and fresh fruit, and boost social wellness by encouraging team members to cook together in a fully stocked kitchen.

“When people come into the business, they frequently say how welcome everyone has made them feel; there is that inclusivity of everyone feeling needed, welcomed and just looked after, of everyone watching out for each other. Having social sessions where people feel they are more than just work colleagues, that they are friends, I think that is really important,” says Jackson.