Client Success Story: Xexec and Serco

Serco specialise in the delivery of essential public services, with people working in defence, transport, justice, immigration, healthcare, and other citizen services. Serco has 30K+ UK employees across 542 locations. Serco partnered with Xexec to address the challenge of providing a benefits programme that makes a positive impact on their staff, helping them fulfil their objective to make a difference every day. The main goal was, of course, to improve employee engagement, this includes introducing their new staff and re engaging their existing staff to the benefits they have available to them.

With over 20 years of experience in her field, Karen Bateman is an industry expert in HR and Benefits. We spoke to her about Serco’s Benefits programme and how Xexec helped in providing an accessible, easy to manage benefits platform for all their employees in the UK and Europe!

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