Channel 4 starts reproductive health and hormone testing trial

Channel 4Channel 4 started a six month trial this week that offers reproductive health and hormone testing to its employees, personalised to their symptoms and goals.

Through a partnership with reproductive healthcare business Hertility, staff will be able to order a hormone and fertility test worth £149, and have access to an NHS approved health assessment and blood test, which can screen for reproductive health issues.

The blood test can highlight why Channel 4 employees may be struggling to conceive or whether a hormonal imbalance could be causing a wellbeing issue. It then clarifies what healthcare steps should be taken next and guides people to specialist care, while also offering a series of educational workshops focusing on different reproductive health issues and hormonal wellbeing.

Alex Mahon, chief executive officer at Channel 4, said: “We are incredibly proud of this innovative new partnership with Hertility, made possible by the fantastic work of our 4Womxn staff network. Since 2019, Channel 4 has launched menopause, pregnancy loss and parents and carers policies and this latest initiative aligns with our commitment to support women’s health and the wellbeing of all our people.”

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In 2019, Channel 4 introduced a dedicated menopause policy, followed by a parents and carers initiative in 2020 and a pregnancy loss policy the following year. Earlier this month, it signed a fertility workplace pledge in order to offer its workforce easily accessible and supportive information for those undergoing fertility treatment, workplace training to ensure managers understand the realities of undergoing treatment, and flexible working so people can attend appointments.

4Womxn is Channel 4’s gender equality employee network, which was set up in order to help empower its female staff across the organisation to achieve success.