Chief executive offers £40,000 to jet fashion designer around the world

Fashion designer

Something for the weekend: A UK-based chief executive officer is offering a lucrative £40,000 pay slip, 28 days of annual leave and full sick pay in order to hire an experienced fashion designer to travel the world with her for the next 12 months.

The job, posted on online fashion manufacturing marketplace last week, provides an exclusive opportunity for creative trend setters, as a female chief executive is searching for a fashion designer with the ability to sew garments and at least five years experience, to accompany her around the world creating bespoke, fashion-led clothes to suit her social and work calendar.

As well as a competitive core benefits package, the successful candidate will enjoy the unique couture inspirations of Australia, Asia, Europe and North America. The quick-fingered employee will also get to experience fine dining and exclusive access to prestigious events. All the required tools and materials will be paid for, although the designer will have to source these items.

Creating a tailor-made wardrobe of both formal and casual outfits, the designer will need to channel the CEO’s personal sense of style and invent head-turning looks, suitable for all occasions, from horse riding in Dubai to a quiet dinner with family.

Hugely passionate about fashion, the glamorous chief executive expects her new designer to make around 10 outfits per month, focusing on styling her current wardrobe.

If this position sounds too good to be true, prospective candidates should be warned that expectations are high, as the job-lister fired her previous designer recently, having lost confidence in their ability to be efficient and effective.

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Boris Hodakel, founder at, said: “At Sewport, our whole ethos is about giving people the chance to create absolutely anything they want within fashion, so we often get some quite weird and wonderful requests; however, it’s been a while since we’ve had anything this enticing!”

Here at Employee Benefits, we love the idea of being able to travel the world to do such an exciting job, especially when the benefits package is so attractive. We think it is time we brushed up on our fringes, frills and peplums; we are sure the chief executive in question would love our take on office wear…