Centralising employee engagement initiatives through technology to boost benefits, recognition and wellbeing uptake

Employee benefits are a great way to provide extra financial support for your employees and show them you’re invested in them, but without the proper technology in place, organisations frequently see low benefits uptake. When benefits aren’t centralised and are difficult to access, employees won’t take the initiative to use them.

This was a challenge that Marks & Spencer was facing with its previous employee benefits platform. When the team at M&S decided it was time to refresh their benefits strategy, they conducted a company-wide survey to discover what employees wanted when it came to their benefits.

M&S partnered with Reward Gateway to create a new platform, ‘My Choices,’ that hosted all benefits, discounts, wellbeing resources, and recognition tools in an all-in-one employee engagement platform. Within eighteen months of launch, 72% of the organisation’s large workforce was registered and actively using the My Choices platform every day.

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