The ‘who, what and why’ you can never forget in employee communication planning

employee communication planning

By Megan Gough, head of client communications at Reward Gateway

It’s exciting to launch a new programme. One that you know will delight and engage your employees — you’ve done your homework, you’ve got the leadership team on board and now you’re sitting in a room with the team wondering what you’ve gotten yourself into.

Then, it settles in. That moment of panic:

How are we ever going to pull this off?

When it comes to launching a new initiative, we’re often so caught up by the logistics of how the operations will actually work we don’t think too much further ahead about how we’re going to get people to really engage with it.

And why would we?

Often the product is the result of evidence from your people that shows this is something they want, so surely the trusty email blast should be enough… right?

I can tell you from experience, it’s not that easy.

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To “go into battle,” you need to equip yourself with:

  • Why you’re trying to reach your audience
  • Who your audience is
  • What you’ll reach them with

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