Back to basics: How HR can provide stability and security in uncertain times

Under regular circumstances, People Teams strive to create positive working environments. Environments full of belonging, recognition, productivity and engagement.

With the advent of a global pandemic so much has changed. Our streets are empty, store shelves are missing staples, many are working long hours, others are being furloughed or laid off. Students are home from school causing parents to work two jobs at once – Mum AND Director of HR. Relatives and friends that were a regular and essential part of our lives are now off-limits.

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As the environment around us continues to change, our priorities adapt. These last weeks have caused us to shift our focus down a level or two on Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs. Instead of striving for belonging, esteem and even self-actualisation in our workforces, we have often had to scrap well-planned initiatives and focus primarily on safety and survival – are our employees safe? How are their families doing?

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