Awin to introduce four-day working week

Awin to introduce four-day working week

Global affiliate network Awin is to introduce a four-day week for over 1,000 employees worldwide to support the wellbeing and productivity.

Following a six-month pilot during which employees worked four and a half days per week, from early 2021, the organisation will move its entire workforce to a four-day working week. The new working pattern will not affect employees’ salaries or clients and partnership service level agreements.

Awin, which employs 300 staff in the UK, will structure its teams to ensure full operations are maintained, and internal communication and agile working are enhanced. The organisation will also repurpose its 15 offices to provide an environment that supports collaboration and innovation.

Adam Ross, chief operating officer at Awin, said: “With staff wellbeing at the forefront of our minds, we have been experimenting with a more modern approach to work focusing entirely on outcomes rather than the more traditional input measurement.

“The four-day week is the culmination of this and offers Awin staff the opportunity to spend time with family, focus on a passion or engage in additional learning so that the time they do spend at work is the most productive it can be. Using a mixture of technology, teams in multiple time zones and an agile mentality, we will do this while maintaining our usual service.”