As we re-enter the office, how do we respond to the needs of our workforce?

With many of the UK’s population likely to return to the workplace in the coming weeks, there are real concerns and fears for many employees going back. Recent studies show that around 84% of the population have some form of anxiety about returning to the workplace. So how can you reassure your returning team?

How to reassure your workforce

It is taken as read that it is a top employer’s responsibility to ensure a safe and healthy environment for their employees as they return. But employers face tough challenges in creating a COVID-secure workplace. Beyond implementing social distancing policies, there may be a need to physically adapt the workplace, or to stagger start and end times to ease congestion. But there are many associated concerns to consider, such as the stress impact on mental health, on top of the very real concern of physical health.

Every employer must prepare to reassure staff, understand the legal, policy and procedure implications of this challenging transition and be prepared to clearly communicate the new way of working to all employees.

Additionally, a comprehensive COVID-19 Workplace Health Programme can reassure staff – mitigate legal concerns – and should include personalised individual risk assessments, PCR (swab), antibody (blood) testing and physical and mental health checks – all of which can be carried out, either on-site or at home.

To find out more about GDPQ (a trusted NHS partner) and their comprehensive COVID-19 Workplace Health Programme, click here.

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*Survey conducted by Mind Gym and Censuswide, May 2020