AMCOGiffen rolls out nutrition programme


Multi-discipline engineering organisation AMCOGiffen is rolling out a nutrition-focused wellbeing programme in its Barnsley head office after completing a successful five-month pilot with site-based employees at its Cumbernauld location.

The programme, provided by SuperWellness, was piloted between March and July 2018 for Cumbernauld-based staff, and was introduced to help support employees to create sustainable healthy habits, as well as to deliver measurable outcomes on employee health and wellbeing.

The wellbeing initiative, which started with an employee survey to identify key areas of interest, included monthly group coaching sessions, which were also attended by employees working at nearby local depots, nutrition quizzes on topics such as meal planning, sleep and mental wellbeing and tailored nutritional advice, designed to suit the specific challenges of AMCOGiffen’s construction sector staff, such as shift work and the limited choice of foods available on-site.

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Corporate nutritionists were also on hand to provide monthly body composition testing; employees were able to receive printed reports of their key statistics, including body fat, muscle mass, weight, visceral fat rating and metabolic age.

In July 2018, at the conclusion of the programme, participating employees’ stress resilience had improved by 13%, their sleep had improved by 30% and their energy levels were up by 10%. Concentration had improved by 4%, mood levels had improved by 12% and digestive health had improved by 11% over the five-month period. Participating employees also found that their skin health had improved by 18%.

The average metabolic age of those involved reduced by 1.7 years over the five-month programme, and the average fat loss per person was 1.2kg. All (100%) employees who took part stated that they would recommend the programme.

Shirley Haines, human resources director at AMCOGiffen, said: “This is an amazing programme that is both educational and fun to participate in. At AMCOGiffen, we take the wellbeing of our employees seriously. We have had some great results and the feedback from our employees has been fantastic. This is so well worth the investment.”

AMCOGiffen has 526 employees and 541 weekly operatives across 10 main offices in Cumbernauld, Barnsley, Braintree, Derby, Highbridge, Irlam, Pontyclun, St Albans, Wigan and York, as well as smaller offices and working sites.

Since the pilot at Cumbernauld, AMCOGiffen has introduced the programme at its Barnsley head office and, from December 2018, the programme will be rolled out to its southern sites over a six-month period. The organisation intends to continue supporting employees who have already attended the programme.