Amazon runs Welcome Day for employees returning to Seattle office

amazon welcome day

Multi-national technology and e-commerce organisation Amazon called employees back to its Seattle headquarters this week (2 May), with a ‘Welcome Day’ that included free bananas, professional greeters and free drinks.

The Seattle office, called The Spheres, houses approximately 55,000 members of staff, many of whom have not attended in person since before the pandemic, while many others started working for the organisation after the Covid-19 lockdowns started.

For day one of the business’ plans to return to the office, Amazon provided staff with a community banana stand and free hot drinks. The offices also housed welcome tables with information, and the opportunity to speak to ambassadors and ask questions about the return.

This was also the first day back for many of the 10,000 dogs registered to attend the office with their owners, and those attending the Welcome Day received treats from the community banana stand. Amazon runs a Dogs at Work programme that ensures those offices with licenses to house animals provide the correct facilities, including paw wash stations and dog parks.

Amazon’s The Spheres comprises 58,828 square feet, four storeys of waterfalls, fish tanks and terrariums, and more than 40,000 plants, including living walls, created with the aim of providing a tranquil, rainforest surrounding.

The offices also include facilities such as bike storage for those who cycle for their commute, a relaxation deck with sun loungers, and lights that adjust with the natural sunlight.

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In addition to the workspace perks, Amazon US employees receive benefits including a choice of various medical plans, free mental health counselling sessions, discount programmes, including 10% off Amazon goods, and reimbursement of adoption expenses, among others.

Andy Jassy, chief executive officer (CEO) of Amazon, who was present to greet staff in the foyer as they arrived, said: “I’m really excited to have more of my teammates back in the office. We’re pretty convinced that we’re going to invent and collaborate better when we’re in the office more together…I also think it’s easier to be connected to one another and understand the culture here when you’re together. When you work with talented and inventive people like we do, it’s also more fun.”