Aldi, Amazon and Royal Mail named best employers for parents

Aldi boosts pay to above Living Wage Foundation levelsAldi, Amazon and Royal Mail have topped the list for the best employers for parents, according to research from job board Breakroom.

More than 230,000 respondents were canvassed in order to find the best employers for parents. Following this, employees at businesses with more than 100 parents on staff were asked to examine whether their employer was good for caring and if their job is enjoyable, to get an average overall rating.

The results revealed supermarket chain Aldi as the best employer for parents, with a rating of 6.6 out of 10, and almost half (48%) of employees agreeing that it is good for those with caring responsibilities.

Retail organisation Amazon took second place, receiving a 6.45 rating out of 10, with 46% believing it to be good for those with caring responsibilities. However, while Royal Mail received a lower rating than Amazon of 6.3, 47% thought it was good for those with caring requirements, 1% more than the online retailer.

Meanwhile, almost two-thirds (64%) of parents working for the Department of Education agreed that it was the best for caring responsibilities, receiving a rating of 6.06 out of 10.

The NHS was seventh on the list, receiving a rating 5.86 out of 10 and 47% of parents thinking the job is good for caring needs. Researchers combined NHS subdivisions together to get an overall view of the organisation.

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The findings highlighted that the retail industry was the best for working parents, with seven retailers making the top 10: Aldi, Amazon, Sainsbury’s, Tesco, Lidl, Marks and Spencer and Co-op Food.

Anna Maybank, co-founder and chief executive officer of Breakroom, said: “When you’re a parent looking for a job, it’s important to know that the job is going to meet your needs, and know things like how much shift notice you’ll get and whether the shifts are flexible. Breakroom data shows the employers that are good places to work if you have caring responsibilities, rated and reviewed by people who actually do those jobs.”