A third of employers did not celebrate Employee Appreciation Day

Employee Appreciation DayEmployee Benefits poll: A third (32.6%) of organisations did nothing to celebrate Employee Appreciation Day, according to an online survey among Employee Benefits readers.

One in 10 (11.3%) said they allowed their staff a day off, while 16.3% gave them a gift or token of appreciation, and 9.9% provided a bonus of some kind.

Meanwhile, 12.7% had a workplace celebration, such as an office party with food and drink, and 17% simply recognised their staff verbally.

Last month, Employee Benefits reported that professional services recruitment firm Sellick Partnership gave its more than 100 employees a day off to mark Employee Appreciation Day (Friday 3 March).

In previous years, the firm allowed staff to finish early and have lunch on the business, but it went a step further to acknowledge its workforce’s continued efforts and dedication this year. Any employee already scheduled for annual leave was able to cancel their holiday request, while part-time staff who do not work on Fridays could take the time back on another day in March.

Jo Sellick, managing director of Sellick Partnership, said: “We are dedicated to creating an environment that enables each individual to thrive. The secret to the success of Sellick Partnership is the people that we employ. We want all staff to come into the office in the morning and enjoy their time at work. That’s what it’s all about.”