7 essential graphs to shape your financial wellbeing strategy

If you lead HR, benefits or rewards at your organisation, these insights will help you plan your financial wellbeing strategy and move your people forwards.

Inflation is putting pressure on every household in the UK and worldwide. It’s leading to unavoidable rises in household spending while wages remain the same.

As a result, many HR, benefits and rewards specialists are focusing on financial wellbeing, creating strategies to ensure their employees’ financial health is supported and financial stress is minimised.

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We surveyed more than 1,300 UK workers to understand how they are coping financially. We published a wider selection of results in The Workplace Today, along with insight to help organisations support their staff.

Our survey generated almost 25,000 data points. But some were particularly surprising. So much so that we think every HR department who cares about their staff’s wellbeing should pay attention. For more insight, click here.