6 Reasons to include health testing in your employee wellbeing package

In today’s fast-paced corporate landscape, prioritising employee wellness is essential for fostering a productive and engaged workforce. Health testing as part of corporate wellbeing packages has gained significant popularity, not only as a means to support employee health but as an incentive to attract and retain staff. DocHQ specialises in supplying bespoke at-home health testing to organisations to do just this. Here are six key reasons why you should too:

1: Personalise your wellbeing package

The needs of every employee vary, so offering health tests that match an individual promotes inclusivity, shows employees that you are aware of their specific needs, and empowers staff to take control of their health how they choose. From men and women’s hormone health, menopause, diabetes, cholesterol, vitamin deficiencies and many more, DocHQ’s range of wellness tests offer something for everyone. If you have a specific test profile that you want to offer staff, DocHQ can supply it.

2: Offer peace of mind

With GP appointments hard to come by and long waiting lists for routine health tests, it is easy to overthink and worry about health concerns, which can impact mental health and focus in the workplace. Offering blood tests that might take weeks or even months (if ever!) to obtain from a GP can offer peace of mind to employees, improving productivity and reducing stress-related absenteeism.

3: Improve efficiency

Because DocHQ Health Checks can be easily and conveniently used from home or office, requiring just a simple finger prick blood sample, employees can spend fewer work hours at the GP surgery and more work hours – well, at work.

4: Spend less, offer more

In-clinic private health testing is a costly business. DocHQ Health Checks offers choice, convenience, UKAS-accredited UK lab testing and gold-standard customer service, with doctor-verified online results reports and guidance on next steps, at a fraction of the cost of traditional private health testing services. Should you wish to enhance the service with clinical follow-up care, DocHQ works with a range of trusted partner clinics to offer full end-to-end service.

5: Let employees know you care

Offering personalised health screening tests shows your workforce that you care about them and their health. In an environment where budgets are stretched and employees are working at full capacity, taking steps to show staff that you care about their health as well as their productivity can go a long way in retaining a happy and healthy workforce.

6: Protect your workforce

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Offering staff screenings for the likes of cholesterol, diabetes, cancer markers and thyroid levels plays an important role in early disease detection. No one should have to wait until it’s too late to discover a disease or condition; DocHQ Health Checks can offer every one of your employees the power to know their health and their bodies better – today.

For more information on DocHQ’s personalised health testing solutions and bespoke corporate packages, contact Amit Arora: [email protected]