46% of key workers say discount schemes boost loyalty

key workers discount

Of the 2.7 million key workers using Network’s discount schemes, 46% said they feel more loyal to their role and 37% were more likely to recommend their workplace to others as a result.

The provider commissioned research to understand the effect of the pressures facing carers in the current climate, and found that two-fifths (41%) of UK carers have admitted that they are struggling financially.

Those who said they are in financial difficulty describe their situation as ‘making ends meet, but no more’, ‘falling a little behind, relying a bit on credit’, or “a very difficult situation-heavily in debt’.

In addition, the research also revealed that 91% of key workers who have access to one of Network’s discount schemes reported a better quality of life, saving an average of more than £2,200 a year across areas of household expenditure, including weekly food shops, holidays, broadband, mobile phones, clothing, household goods, motoring, eating out, leisure, and various other categories.

Storm Postlethwaite, managing director of Network, said: “Our key workers make an extraordinary and invaluable contribution to the country every day, and yet many are faced with financial hardship and increasing pressures due to workforce shortages and the cost of living crisis.

“While times are tough, it is vital that we offer a helping hand to relieve some of the pressures and provide some additional reward and support. Discount schemes are an important way in which we can achieve this and show our appreciation. We are therefore calling on the government to ensure that employers are aware of the schemes available to help their staff cope with the cost-of-living crisis.”