26% of millennials took time off work due to stress

New research has revealed that 26% of millennials and 22% of Generation Z employees in the UK have taken time off work due to stress and anxiety caused by the Covid-19 (Coronavirus) pandemic.

Deloitte’s tenth annual 2021 Millennial and generation Z survey was compiled of responses from 23,000 millennials and Gen Zs across 45 countries to examine levels of stress in the youngest members of the UK’s workforce.

The data highlighted that 58% of UK millennials have not spoken openly with their employer about anxiety and stress, with 36% of UK millennials and 35% of Gen Zs citing longer-term financial future as a cause of stress. A total of 36% of UK millennials and 31% of Gen Zs were anxious about the welfare of their family, and 33% of millennials and 36% of Gen Zs were concerned about their career prospects.

On a global scale, the research found that 41% of millennials and 46% of Gen Zs feel stressed all or most of the time, and half of UK millennials and Gen Zs feel anxious all or most of the time.

Jackie Henry, managing partner for people and purpose at Deloitte UK, explained that the youngest members of the UK’s workforce have been put under significant strain, with junior employees struggling with the loss of face-to-face interaction and others juggling the childcare demands that come with young families.

Wellbeing must become a strategic priority for organisations of every size – not only to support employees experiencing anxiety and stress, but also to prevent people from becoming overwhelmed and overworked in the first place. Above all, however, businesses must shake off the stigma around mental health in the workplace. For too long workers have felt ashamed to share their struggles, and leaders must focus on empowering their employees to ask for help,” she said.