World of Books employee reward and recognition scheme

  • World of Books rolls out Each Person across their 575 employees.
  • Each Person is the employee reward scheme that makes recognition simple and provides compelling perks at work across their business.
  • Employees are given a free membership to Epoints, which would cost £124 if they join directly, allowing them to take advantage of gaining Epoints cashback on every purchase. Epoints offers something for everyone with over half a million rewards and instant retailer employee vouchers all in one place.
  • Provide employees with ‘in the moment’ recognition with digital ecards and Epoints.

April 2021 – World of Books has announced its partnership with Each Person’s employee rewards and recognition scheme. Each Person is being rolled out across 575 employees, with the aim of improving employee satisfaction and motivation.

Tabitha Baines, People & Engagement Manager said: “Our team are an essential part of the World of Book magic, so we wanted to introduce a way to recognise and reward the commitment we see. In 2018, we as a company were awarded B Corporation® (B Corps™) status – a business that meets the highest standards of verified social and environmental performance. In short, we care about people and the planet so we believe Each Person is the perfect fit for us.“

Each Person offers an in the moment and authentic way to say thank you. The secret to creating an incredible company culture using employee recognition can start with a simple ‘Thank you’.

Each Person enables companies to reward and recognise teams and individuals for meeting objectives and demonstrating behaviours that are aligned with core business values. Managers can send ecards to say thank you for your hard work to individuals or departments as a simple non-monetary acknowledgement. We allow digital ecards to be sent ‘in the moment’ to your employee’s inbox to brighten their day and remind them they are appreciated.

“Our aim is to acknowledge great work in an instant, celebrating our team wins when they matter.” continues Tabitha. “Each Person is a great digital solution for both managers and employees to use. We were attracted to its many valuable tools, such as reports on recognition across the business and reminders of special occasions, such as birthdays or work anniversaries for managers. It is a compelling benefit scheme, providing the widest choice of rewards and cost savings to our employees.”

Matt Norbury, CEO and Founder of Each Person said: “We exist to help employers give more to their most valuable resource, so don’t fall into the trap of taking your employees for granted, especially in light of the changing working world.”

“From working with the team at World of Books, I know that they pride themselves on being able to provide their employees with the best working environment. By using Each Person’s recognition and reward platform World of Books can reward achievements in a positive manner, enhancing their employee’s motivation and commitment to company values.”

Matt concludes: “As a fellow entrepreneurial company who believe in saving the planet, we are delighted to be working with World of Books and are very much looking forward to developing our relationship with them further.”

For additional information, please contact: Ella Wyatt, Marketing Manager, Epoints & Each Person. [email protected]

About Each Person and Epoints

At Each Person our mission is to provide employees with the ultimate ‘feelgood’ package, combining unbeatable Cashback, in a great user experience, with tangible appreciation for a job well done ‘in the moment’. Each Person is an altogether better way to celebrate your people.

We take recognition and reward to a whole new level both in terms of tangible value for your people and how streamlined and easy it becomes for your business to operate. With over 1 billion reward points issued to UK employees to date, we’re setting the standard for how employees want to be rewarded.

No two employees have exactly the same interests and motivations. So it can sometimes be tricky, and time-consuming to do employee recognition right and find the perfect way to say thanks. Positive reinforcement will encourage your team to do their best and show them that you value what they do. Recognition helps boost morale, which, in turn, can help increase productivity.

At Each Person, we top up Employer reward budgets by 10%. So if you’re giving each of your employees a £50 bonus this Christmas, through our platform, we’ll automatically top it up by £5 for FREE every time. As well as an extra bonus’ you can send employees Ecards and allow employees to nominate their colleagues for schemes such as employee of the month.

With top-down and peer-to-peer recognition we offer powerful reporting and a highly flexible set-up, it’s simple to reward and recognise your team with Each Person in a positive and engaging way. As well all this, we give employees a place to get a huge saving when they shop online saving them 15%-35%… Each of your employees will receive an Epoints membership worth £100 and £24 p.a. This exclusive savings platform is a must for any employee to save money and get the reward they deserve.

Look after your people and the planet. We’re proud that Epoints is the only employee reward scheme that is entirely aligned to fighting climate change by planting trees.

Epoints can be donated to Eco-projects to tackle climate change head-on by planting a tree. Pick how many trees you want to fund and through our partnership with Carbon Footprint they’ll be planted, it’s that simple. We believe small actions can make a big difference, what we do today can determine the future for the next generation.

To reflect our commitment to this vital initiative, we’re also donating 5% of our profits to the schemes.

It’s the employees that keep companies in business. When they’re recognised and well rewarded they work harder, and stick around longer.

About World of Books

World of Books is a leading global seller of used books online to millions of customers; directly, through third-party platforms and wholesale partners. They are reported to be the largest second-hand book retailer in the UK. The business supports charities and are pioneers in the re-use and recycling of unwanted books.

It all began when a group of book-loving entrepreneurs noticed a bag of books in a charity shop bin destined for a landfill. Over the last decade, World of Books has grown from a start-up into a leading global seller of quality used books and pioneers in re-use and recycling. World of Books’ inventory has grown to over six million in stock and sell a book somewhere in the world every two seconds.

World of Books aims to be carbon neutral by 2022.