Why you should create customised Ecards

Saying thank you for your hard work is the secret to creating an incredible company culture. Sending an Ecard is a simple, cost-effective way to show appreciation to a team member. Ecards act as an environmentally friendly and attractive way to incorporate perks at work.

Here at Each Person, we allow you to instantly send digital Ecards to your employee’s inbox when it matters most. You can customise, brand and even animate Ecards to match your company values making it all the more personal.

Research has repeatedly shown that simple expressions of appreciation have an extraordinary effect on the morale, productivity, and loyalty of employees and 50% of employees say a simple thank you would make them feel more appreciated.

Customising your own Ecard is a fun way to get you and your team’s creative juices flowing, there are categories for every occasion and your employees can have fun designing and creating their Ecard making it a more sentimental way to say thank you to a team member.

Alternatively, if you do not wish to design your own, Each Person has a variety to choose from that is perfect for all occasions, whether it is a birthday, work anniversary or you just want to add in a bit of fun, Ecards are a perfect and fun way to show you care.

Here at Each Person we also allow you to send extra rewards with your Ecard making them all the more significant to your rewards and recognition scheme. Sending traditional print cards can take time and money, Ecards allow for a quicker and more cost-effective route and also ensure you are keeping up with modern communication.

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Each Person enables you to add more value to your Ecards. You may choose to add Eco-points which can be spent on over 500,000 products online as well as on all the major gift cards or may wish to add employee vouchers. You can also donate Eco-points to help tackle climate change and fund eco-projects, a brilliant way to help save the planet whilst also recognising your people.

To find out more about Ecards and how Each Person can improve your rewards and recognition scheme, visit eachperson.com or contact us at [email protected].