Why employees expect a holistic employee well-being model during and after a pandemic

By Ali Fitzsimons, Employee Engagement Consultant at Reward Gateway

When I started at Reward Gateway earlier this year, I had no idea that my entire employee experience (so far!) would be remote. While I’ve benefited from the routine that working remotely can provide, a big part of this has been focusing on my own well-being throughout the week.

While prior to the pandemic I was heavily reliant on the gym down the street to get my workouts in, I’ve found that our own HR team has been critical in helping me maintain and even improve my well-being through a variety of programs and initiatives.

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By taking a holistic approach to our employee well-being model, one that’s proactive, personal and inclusive, our HR has been quickly able to adapt a number of initiatives to help support our well-being when we need it most. I’ve found the same across many of the HR leaders I’ve spoken with – it’s an exciting opportunity to be at the forefront of improving the employee experience, no matter where people are located, through well-being.

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