Wall’s finds happiness more valued than pay

Wall's finds happiness more valued than pay

Something for the weekend: “My boss told me to have a good day. So I went home.” It’s an old joke but one employers might be heeding after Wall’s research revealed that 78% of people believe happiness and wellbeing should be prioritised over money.

The global survey of 12,500 people by the ice cream brand discovered that lockdown has encouraged workforces to become more laid-back, with 65% wanting their governments to put happiness before economic recovery.

London School of Economics professor and co-author of the World happiness report, Lord Richard Layard, said the results show society is turning away from chasing material possessions and financial prosperity.

“And while these are undoubtedly important, people are coming to the realisation that it is human relationships and connections that bring true meaning and happiness to one’s life,” he added.

Of course, ice cream can play an important part too, according to Ian Maskell, Wall’s vice president, who claimed the brand provides the world with “28 billion portions of happiness each year”.

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