Virtual Appreciation Cards serving as powerful engagement tool for remote workforce

Around three months ago, just as lockdown in the UK came into force in the UK, Achievers launched Appreciation Cards to allow managers or team members in any business to recognise their colleagues for free in a thoughtful way.

We recognised that not every company currently has an employee engagement platform in place that allows for recognition – so crucial at such a difficult time. We therefore created an easy to use web portal that would allow anybody, anywhere to send a visually engaging appreciation card to colleagues for free.

We are absolutely delighted with the results with so many organisations and individuals taking advantage of the platform. The new Appreciation Cards are designed to share joy and recognition, and to help reduce the feeling of social distance, and we are delighted to see such widespread usage.

The Appreciation cards focus on eight categories that we felt were most important for employees to be recognised at the moment, beyond the company values which should be at the heart of most formal recognition strategies.

The cards available focus on recognising colleagues for the following traits and characteristics:

  • Purpose driven
  • Connections builder
  • Morale booster
  • Helping hand
  • Great communicator
  • Positive attitude
  • Hard worker
  • Problem solver

We know that recognition has the power to boost morale, improve connections, and lift spirits, so it is important that we all do as much as we possibly can.

The interest in Appreciation cards has been mirrored by increased usage across our platform as the many thousands of employees of our clients make every effort to maintain contact and share positive sentiments.

Even as lockdowns across Europe and here in the UK are eased, the impact on our professional and personal lives of the last few months and the social distancing that is here to stay are easy to underestimate. Showing empathy and appreciating each other are positive steps we can all take to help get through to the brighter times ahead.

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Even in normal times, Achievers sees 80 per cent adoption of our platform, which is very rare with enterprise software. It’s a great proofpoint that people love to be recognised and to recognise their colleagues, and we all need to find both formal and informal ways of doing that more often.

Are you ready to spread appreciation? Appreciate someone today by customising and sending an Appreciation Card.