Video: How to explain the return on investment of your employee wellbeing programme

by Lucy Tallick, Head of Wellbeing

Throughout my time in Reward Gateway, I have made it my mission to talk to as many of our valued clients about their employee wellbeing strategies, what their goals are and what they are looking to achieve in employee wellbeing.

This story in particular sticks with me, I was in a meeting with an extremely experienced Wellbeing Director and upon discussing their organisation's very light wellbeing budget, I began to start questioning how they were to measure the ROI (return on investment) of their wellbeing initiatives. It’s a typical question, but in this case, I was met with a look of surprise and the remark: “My financial controller is not concerned about the ROI measurement of our employee wellbeing strategy, far from it.”

It’s far more important to us for an employee to turn around to us and thank us for helping them to improve their lifestyle or help reduce their personal risk of particular health concerns.

She ended by telling me about one particular employee that had managed to reduce their blood pressure through a physical wellbeing solution they had implemented in the workplace,  so much so that she could reduce and eventually remove the need for medication. It was the belief of the leadership team that this story alone is enough to make us know that his company’s investment in employee wellbeing was worthwhile and far more important than saving money on the bottom line. I was ecstatic. What else can I tell you about ROI and VOI? Here's a look at a recent Q&A session on that very topic.

To watch the video, click here.