US bartender receives nearly $1,000 tip for taking a selfie for a customer

US bartender $1000 tipSomething for the weekend: As the long-running debate on whether to tip if a customer has had good service in a bar or restaurant continues, one bartender in the US revealed she received a tip worth nearly $1,000 (£788) from a customer in response to her agreeing to a rogue request.

Scarlett Green, who goes by @rescarded on TikTok, posted a video earlier this week in which she explained that a customer came into her bar and ordered five pints of Michelob Ultra Draft, 10 chicken wings and some buffalo sauce.

The total came to $30.26 (£23.88), however, the customer ended up giving her a 300% tip after asking to take a photo of her. In her video, Green claimed the customer said to her: “Wow that’s beautiful, let me take a picture.” The video then shows a selfie of her with plaited hair in pigtails, along with an image of the receipt to show the tip and her caption stating: “Come back.”

People weighed in on the request and tip in the video’s comments section, with one TikTok user saying: “I think the five Michelobs had something to do with it”, and another stating: “This just warmed my heart; as a food service worker you guys deserve that tip 110%.”

A third user commented: “Praying this will happen to me”, while another added: “This is awfully concerning, but get that bag girl!!”

Green replied: “It’s the pigtails.” In another of her videos, she explained she always wears pigtails when she bartends.

Here at Employee Benefits, we have no doubt tips are well deserved due to all the hard work involved, but wouldn’t necessarily recommend this as a way of increasing their value!