Unlock New Revenue and Productivity Through ED&I Actions with OnHand’s Latest Impact Webinar

Join OnHand and a host of ED&I experts for an online webinar on 30 April at 11AM all around equity, diversity, and inclusion.

Navigating ED&I can be tricking. That’s why OnHand is hosting ‘Beyond Diversity: Unlocking New Revenue & Productivity Through ED&I Actions’. Come along to a professional development session with world-leading speakers giving insight into the real challenges that ED&I strategies face, along with the staggering value unlocked by getting it right.

Hear Michael Barrington-Hibbert (Co-Founder of 10,000 Black Interns), Celia Chartres-Aris (Disabled founder and investor, and multi-award winning campaigner and lobbyist), and Kat McGurk (Group Director of Diversity, Equality & Inclusion at Flutter plc, overseeing ED&I in a 60,000+ employee organisation) deliver unmissable discussions around their experiences and approaches to ED&I.

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The agenda will cover:

  • Findings and feedback from OnHand’s ED&I survey (including feedback from valued OnHand partners and their employees)
  • What’s going wrong in ED&I now
  • Actionable steps to improve ED&I within your organisation, and unlock new revenue and productivity as a result.

The majority of employees have done ED&I training, but over 90% still feel uncomfortable handling ED&I. For solutions to stats like this, sign up now for an unmissable session on 30 April at 11AM on Zoom.