Tips for Implementing Reproductive Health Benefits

AUTHOR: Jessica Freedman BA

Here are a few useful tips for benefits and rewards managers on how to implement reproductive health benefits in the workplace:

1.Education is a good place to start

A Female Founders Fund survey from 2020 found that nearly two-thirds (64%) of women felt unprepared for menopause. In fact, many women and men lack basic education on their own reproductive health. Expert-led ‘lunch & learn’ sessions or an educational workshop can be a great way of bridging the knowledge gap and empowering your workforce.

 2.Personalised plans are more inclusive

Reproductive health is not one-size-fits-all. People at different life stages have different objectives and will therefore benefit from different provisions. Pick a provider that is able to provide personalised plans for your employees so that the benefit is felt throughout the workforce.

3.Protect existing budgets by being proactive

Our society’s approach to fertility and reproductive health is extremely reactive – we do not know that we have an issue until we try to conceive. Through proactive health assessments, we can diagnose reproductive health issues earlier, better serving your employees and protecting your fertility treatment budget.

Many companies have jumped to announce generous budgets for fertility treatment. Whilst this makes treatment more accessible – unfortunately, IVF does not guarantee success. In fact, only 24% of IVF cycles result in a successful pregnancy (HFEA).

4.Measure your impact 

Measure the impact of your reproductive health benefits – beyond implementing benefits and policies, continue analysing how they improve employees’ wellbeing. Regular pulse checks on how supported employees feel and levels of education may be consolidated in reports in collaboration with thought leaders, benefits providers and non-governmental organisations. This helps spread awareness – amongst employees and in the market.

Hertility Benefits for Your Workforce

Hertility Health is shaping the future of reproductive health by giving women the ability to understand and manage their hormone health from menstruation to menopause. We believe in a proactive approach to reproductive health – by detecting issues early, we can prevent issues later down the line.

We partner with leading companies to deliver best-in-class reproductive health benefits and improve access to reproductive healthcare and education. We believe in personalised plans – for you and your employees – and offer a range of corporate plans and coverage options to suit your needs, from educational workshops to female health assessments and consultations with in-house experts.

For early adopters that have existing fertility treatment benefits for employees, we help you protect that budget – our proactive hormone tests are a fraction of the clinic price and by identifying issues early we can prevent costly treatment. Where treatment is required, our blood tests are accepted by partner clinics and reduce time to treatment.

We provide DE&I impact reports, so you can see the tangible impact on your workforce and your bottom line.

Get in touch today. To learn more about Hertility Benefits For Employers, reach out to [email protected] or visit our website.