Switch up your health and fitness routine for Spring

The 20th March will mark the start of Spring and hopefully what will be better weather! It will be time to start changing your wardrobe and bringing out lighter clothes, which means you should be doing something similar for your health and fitness routine.

Kick off Spring right by revamping your routine:

Take some of your workouts outdoors
Spring marks the beginning of getting closer to warmer weather, which means you can start venturing outside! Exercising outdoors will allow you to be physically active in a changing environment, which is more challenging and makes you work harder. It will also boost your immune system, give you a burst of vitamin D and help you to burn more calories due to increased wind resistance.

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Invest in lighter gear
When the seasons change as should your fitness gear! Put to the back of your wardrobe the thermal winter leggings and thick fabrics, and invest in some lighter clothing such as shorts, thin leggings and t-shirts. Buying new fitness wear will help you to look and feel good whilst also being comfortable. If your trainers have become worn out from winter, consider purchasing a lighter pair made more for the spring and summer months. New activewear will boost your confidence and will make you want to workout more frequently to show it off.

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Sign up to running events
Now that Spring has almost sprung, running event season will soon be on its way! Training for a running event could be the perfect spring fitness routine change and add some consistency to your workouts. Races can be fun, motivating and help to build your confidence! Having a deadline in your calendar will push you to train for it and make you less likely to skip a workout, whilst also providing you with structure. It will also provide you with a great way to meet like-minded people and socialise.

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Cycle to work
Cycling to work isn’t only great for your wallet but beneficial for your health and wellbeing too! Cycle Scheme states that the average person will loose 14lbs in their first year of cycling to work and 1,000 calories are burned off cycling to work 3 days a week! Cycling to work can start your day off right by boosting your mood as adrenaline and endorphins will be released. It is great for your health as it promotes weight loss, builds muscle, improves your lung health, cuts the risk of heart disease and cancer risk, lets you sleep better, boosts brain power and strengthens your immune system.

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Stock up on fruit and vegetables
It is understandable to not stock up as much fruit and vegetables in the colder months as not all of it is at its prime. Many fruits and vegetables will begin to come in and be at their best during spring such as apricots, asparagus, aubergines, blackcurrants, carrots, lettuce, nectarines, new potatoes, peas, peppers, potatoes, radishes and spinach. You will not only have more fresh and non-imported options in the supermarkets but at farmers markets! If you want fruit and vegetables fresh from the ground you will also soon be able to go to pick your own crops from near late April/May time.