Stress in the workplace – find out how we can help ourselves and each other

In the second in our two-part blog series on stress, we use this post to suggest some practical steps that employers and employees can take to help tackle high-level stress, especially during the COVID pandemic.

These suggestions are based on best practice advice given by the NHS and show how making small changes in our lives can make a big difference to our stress levels.

Originally written to coincide with International Stress Awareness Week, these posts shine a light on this hugely important topic in the workplace, which has been brought front and centre by COVID.

The first post in this series highlighted the red flags and signs of distress that employers can look out for in their teams – now we try to help address these. Are you equipped to help your employees tackle stress in their lives and in their lives of their colleagues? Are you offering support and advice in this highly stressful and challenging time? Do your employees need extra help?

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