How to step up your fitness routine for summer

Summer will be here soon and with it holiday season. Sometimes we need a push or incentive to help us to be more physically active, and a holiday abroad can be the perfect opportunity to do so! However, exercising shouldn’t solely happen once a year when you want to look good on the beach. Your fitness routine should continue long after you have come back from holiday.

Why not re-evaluate your fitness routine this summer and switch up your workouts!

A new season, a new routine
Summer is the perfect time to try new workouts! With warmer weather you can start using outdoor swimming pools where fresh air and nature can help you to focus and improve work performance. It will also offer you the opportunity to socialise improving communication skills and improve your mood as well as stress and anxiety. If you are looking to try something different most fitness facilities offer a variety of classes to suit all preferences including yoga, boxing, water aerobics, group cycle classes, Zumba, martial arts, body combat, barre and many more. 

Take your workouts outside
Exercising outside can work wonders on your health, as fresh air and sunshine will keep you looking and feeling good long before your holiday has begun. Experts recommend you get 10 minutes of sun exposure a day, however, in winter this isn’t feasible so make the most of this time of year and take some of your workouts outside. Exercising outdoors gives you the opportunity to keep fit in a changing environment, which is not as predictable as the gym and it gives you your daily dose of vitamin D!

Stuck on ideas for outdoors exercises? Tennis is a fantastic outdoor sport that will give you a full body workout, burn lots of calories and fat, improve bone health, keep your heart healthy, boost your brain power and mood, and enhance flexibility, balance and coordination. Boot camps are also a great outdoor workout, which are fun and gets your heart pumping!

Set a goal
When you decide to become more physically active, it is wise to set a specific goal and a date to achieve it by. This can help provide motivation if you have a deadline and are getting fit to go on holiday for example. Keeping track of your progress and the exercises that work for you as an individual will help you alter your routine if something isn’t working. If you aren’t going at the pace you expected to be then look beyond the weight and numbers on the scale, instead look at your shape and how your clothes are feeling. Planning beyond your holiday and setting yourself a goal through to September or October will encourage you to stay fit and healthy and will provide you with a long-term plan. 

Plan meals in advance
Preparing your meals in advance can allow you to track what food you are purchasing and what food you are putting into your body whilst ensuring you are eating plenty of healthy foods. It will help you to avoid binge eating, impulse shopping in the supermarket and control your food portions. Having planned your meals in advance, you will save money and won’t be going out on your lunch break to buy unhealthy food options. Keeping a food diary will allow you to track your foods in the long-term and see how it is contributing to your goal.

Be careful with hydration
Drinking water has never been more important than in the warmer months especially when you are working out! Not drinking enough water when the temperatures rise can cause heat exhaustion, heat stroke, dehydration, and feeling warm, dizzy and disorientated. If you are exercising outdoors in the summer you will need to drink cool fluids on a regular basis so you can workout to your full potential. Drinking water can also increase your body’s metabolism by boosting the number of calories and fat burnt. The UK government recommends people drink about 6-8 glasses of water a day in order to remain hydrated. Dehydration can lead to health complications such as heat injury, urinary and kidney problems, seizures and low blood volume shock.

Make sure you have the right fitness apparel
It is important when exercising to be wearing the correct clothes and shoes to avoid injury or illness. If you are working out in hot weather wearing loose clothing will allow air to cool your body and evaporate sweat, you should also wear light colours to not attract the sun’s rays. A hat is also essential to shield your head from the sun! Wearing the correct shoes for different activities is essential, for instance the shoes you would wear for a run would differ to those for tennis. The wrong shoes can cause blisters, cramps and other injuries.

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