Social Recognition: Why It’s Crucial to Your Success

Most of us understand how rewards and recognition work within a company. However, social recognition is highly undermined and rarely used correctly. Perhaps this is down to not understanding its value or meaning to your people. But you can quickly address this to add value to your employee’s wellbeing.

What Is Social Recognition?

Social recognition is a form of employee recognition. It is when you show appreciation to an individual with no monetary value attached. This notion may seem straightforward, but many companies do not use it nearly enough as they should do.

How To Implement Social Recognition:

We’ve put together ways to socially recognise your people because we know just how important it is for them.

A Simple Thank You

Saying thank you for your hard work is possibly the easiest way to show your gratitude. Sending an ecard to someone can be a way to make the thank you personal and fun! Especially now, working from home makes it difficult in person.

Video Call

As we’ve just mentioned, working from home has added a barrier to social recognition. However, it doesn’t mean it needs to be impossible. Remember, you can set up video calls with people to thank them!

Why Is Social Recognition Helpful to Your Success?

A good employee reward scheme will benefit you and your people ten folds. Without sufficient recognition, your people will lack the confidence, productivity, and care to carry out their roles to the best of their ability. With one-third of UK employees saying they want their managers to recognise their efforts, implementing social recognition is something to consider, but why?

Staff Retention

A massive 91% of HR managers believe that rewards and recognition have a positive impact on employee retention. Therefore, using the simplest of them, social recognition, should be something you could implement immediately.


When your people feel appreciated, they are more likely to care about their role, leading to higher productivity and employee engagement. As a result, you will see people hitting their targets and less stressed teams.


Following on from productivity, social recognition improves your people’s wellbeing, a hot topic within the HR community. With the pandemic significantly affecting wellbeing, it is time to make a change. When you socially recognise someone, it makes them feel appreciated and therefore happier.

In summary, social recognition is possibly the most uncomplicated, inexpensive, and effective form of recognition you can provide to your people. In other words, it is something you can provide straight away and begin to reap the benefits immediately.

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