Showtown Blackpool rolls out play days and commits to making work fun

Showtown Blackpool play daysShowtown Blackpool, which is operated by the Blackpool Heritage and Museum Trust, has introduced quarterly play days and monthly feel better circles to create a workplace culture of success for its employees.

Through the creation of a cultural programme that reflected its values as part of a year-long partnership with consultancy Laugh Think Play, the museum has invested in employees’ personal and professional development by giving them the opportunity to come together and check in.

The play days will focus on communication and relationships to ensure that internal challenges can be resolved with kindness, and include playing games and examining values in an open forum and what they mean to staff. The monthly feel better circles, which last for an hour, will create a space for Showtown’s employees to take a breath and offer care and compassion by giving them a boost.

In addition, the museum’s employees can access tools, methods and group support to enable them to become resilient leaders, teams and individuals.

According to the organisation, the aim is to create a culture of long-lasting staff happiness to make it a fun and joyful a place to work, and for employees to tap into their own sense of wonder and fun.

Elizabeth Moss, chief executive of Blackpool Heritage and Museum Trust, said: “Engaging with Laugh Think Play was enthralling from the start. We were looking for a team which simply got us and all that we were trying to do in developing our people for the launch of Showtown. The piece de resistance was our whole company Playday a week ahead of our grand opening. Co-founder Em Stroud was incredible and brought the entire team together, both old and new, with creativity, wisdom and brilliance.”