Seven ways to communicate with employees who don’t sit at a desk all day

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By Kameel Martin, Senior Client Success Manager

Remember when the way of making sure everyone read a company-wide memo was to have staff sign their name on the envelope it was circulated in?

Thankfully, workspaces and technology have enabled us to leave those outdated, one-way practices behind and communicate with people from across the world at lightning speed.

But what happens if your employees don’t have access to computers or an internet connection for most of their workday?

A report by an Atlanta-based communications agency, Tribe, indicated that 83% of “non-desk employees” don’t have a corporate email address and 45% don’t even have access to the company intranet when at work.

So while email and intranet access definitely can have a high reach for an office-based workforce, relying on technology alone isn’t going to cut it for employees who are on their feet or on the road all day. Management needs different ways to share their vision, develop a strong culture and connect with their entire company.

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Now we’re not proposing the return of the signature-and-envelope method (the cost of global postage alone would likely blow most of your communications budget!) but we can update some of the ways we used to get people to listen B.E. (Before Email) and combine it with some fresh ways that apply to our work lifestyles today.

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